First of all you have to build one cable adapter to connect the female 9pins connector of the modem, with female 9pins connector of the base of E-10G HPC.


    To build the null modem cable you will need:

    -         2 male connectors with 9 pins

    -         15cm cable with 7 wires

    The schematic at the left , its show how to connect the wires. When you finish it, you can connect the modem with E-10G.


When you build the cable adapter connect the E-10G with the external modem, power-on both devices and follow the pictures.



(Picture 1) Go to Start->Programs->Communications->Connection and click on new connection.

(Picture 2) Select “Hayes-compatible on COM1:” and then click on “Configuration”. Set the baud rate to 19200 (Some modems works with 115200 bps too. When you finish and everything its working, try to increase the baud rate until to 115200).


(Picture 4) Press the next tab and uncheck “wait for dial tone before dialing” and then click “OK”.

(Picture 5) Press “TCP/IP Settings” to set the “IP-address” and “DNS address” if your provider its need them. Click “Next” (Picture 6) , type the “phone number” of your internet provider and click “Finish”


(Picture 7) Click on “My connection”.

(Picture 8) Give the user name and the password ,click to “dialing properties”.

(Picture 9) Click “Bearb…”


Enter a “G” in all fields. Click “OK”, “OK” and then click “Connect”.




-     If the E-10G cannot communicate with the modem, look the  “wait for dial tone before dialing” option (Picture 4) to be unchecked.

-         Then decrease the baud rate to 19200 (picture 3).

-         If it’s not working, try to connect manually, by checking the “manual connection” option (Picture 3).  

Try to run the “My connection” again and you will see the terminal screen( Picture 12). Type “atdt” for dial tone or “atdp” for dial pulse and then the phone number of your internet provider ( example: atdt0962599999 ).When the modem its connected click “OK”.


I have test it with:

-     ISDN NetMod ( From Intracom, its used by the Greek organization of telecommunications,  OTE )

-     U.S. Robotics 56K modem

For internet explorer try the iBrowser v1.17.02 or Pocket Browser v1.6

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