Dear friends,

On this web site, you will find many circuits based on AVR micro-controllers (ìC) from Atmel. I will be adding more circuits, because micro controllers, are used in a lot of applications.

The purpose of my web site is to help you work with these little powerful integrated circuits, known as micro-controllers. I believe you will be helped a lot by the source code of the projects I published on my web site.

Todays, microcontrollers are very advanced. All microControllers contain FLASH memory, USART, RAM, EEPROM, SPI, TWI (I2C)  and many more features, all in one chip at  very low cost.

Micro-controllers are ideal for developing applications such as remote control by mobile phone, monitoring temperatures, pressures, air/liquid flow, driving LCD screens, electric motors, custom measuring instrument tools (oscilloscopes, volt meters etc), web servers/clients and many more.

The only limit is the end of  your imagination! Be creative!


Happy reading,

Vassilis Serasidis



Last update 17 September 2015



WebRadio player 2 (ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0)

A WebRadio station player that plays audio streams up-to 320-kbps.

Few components (as always !) with great sound quality. The new version is based on the 32-bit Cortex-M0 MCU the WIZwiki-W7500 board. 

Published:    17 September  2015
Designed by:
Vassilis Serasidis (c) 05 September 2015
IDE: mbed

Arduino WebRadio player

An inexpensive WebRadio station player that plays audio streams up-to 64-kbps.
Few components (as always !) with great sound quality!

Published:    10 October  2014
Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis (c) 05 October 2014
Language: Wiring (Arduino)

Arduino Network relay

Remote control your electrical devices through your local network or internet. The circuit contains one output (Relay) and one input (isolated input). The whole project is made in arduino nano platform with ENC28J60 ethernet module.

The controlling software "Network relay" was written for Android devices and is available  on Google play .

Published:    10 September 2014
Designed by:
Vassilis Serasidis (c) 06 September 2014
Language: Wiring (Arduino)

ATmega8 and TWI (I2C) sensors / devices

Connect TWI (I2C) sensors to ATmega8 (AVR) microcontroller. This project connects ATmega8 with 24c32 eeprom, GY26 digital compass LIS302DL accelerometer, DS1307 Real Time Clock and PCT8574T I2C to parallel converter to control a 20x4 LCD.

Published:    3 October 2013
Designed by:
Vassilis Serasidis (c) 29 September 2013
Language: C ( AVRstudio 6 )

125 kHz RFID tag reader

This RFID reader is based on  a small 8 pin micro-controller (ATtiny13) and an Operational Amplifier (LM358). The reading-decoding and output the unique ID serial number of RFID tag is made entire in software by ATtiny13. No special chip is used!

Published:    21 May 2013 | v2.01 - Updated: 12 June 2014
Designed by:
Vassilis Serasidis (c) 28 Aug 2012
Language: C ( AVRstudio 6 )

4-input mini Logic Analyzer

A mini Logic Analyzer wich has 4 inputs, it's portable (55x65 mm), battery powered and can capture data up to 400kHz.

Designed by:
Vassilis Serasidis (c) 02 Jan 2012
Language: C ( AVRstudio4+ WinAVR )

 AVR based oscilloscope

A mega32 based low speed oscilloscope. It can be used to measure signals from 10Hz up to 7.7 kHz. The input voltage range can be up to 24V AC or 30V DC. 

Designed by:
Vassilis Serasidis (c) 01.Dec.2007
Updated on 19 Mar 2011 Voltage and frequency infomation is appeared on LCD.
Language: C ( AVRstudio4 + WinAVR )

PCB exposure box

Tired of spending hours and hours in wire soldering? Do your circuits look ugly and you are looking for a way to produce professional-like PCBs? Then you had better try photoetching. And the first step to do that is to have the right equipment that is an Automated Exposure Box

Designed by: Antonios Theodosiou (c) Sept.2010
Published:    25.Nov.2010
Language:    C ( AVRstudio4 + WinAVR )

SMS remote control v3.0

This is the the 3rd version of the famous SMS remote control. The older T10s cell phone has been replaced by the GM-47 GSM module by allowing you to find easier this module. Moreover, 8 inputs were added for collecting data from switches (windows, doors, limit switches and more). The SMS is now protected by a password.

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis (c) Jan.2006 
Published:    27.Jul.2010
Language:    AVR assembly

Generic experimental AVR board v2.0

A simple and small AVR board to develop your applications. It consists of few, cheap and ordinary components like LEDs, Voltage regulator and capacitors.

Designed by: Vassilis Stergiopoulos (c) 26.Jul.2010
Language: AVR Assembly

LAN cable tester

Here's a very simple, but practical circuit, which is used to check the type of LAN cables (straight or cross) as well as possible faults. So we use a unit that has 8 outputs, each one of which produces a pulse successively.

Designed by: Vassilis Stergiopoulos (c) 01.May.2010                

Language: AVR Assembly

Infrared remote control receiver

You can control now your media center with this programmable RC5 receiver. Moreover, you can switch On/Off your Media Center by your remote control.

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis (c) 08.Oct.2007                 

Updated on 12.Aug.2008 *** Sony protocol IR support ***

Language: C ( AVRstudio4 + WinAVR )

USB AVR In-System-Programmer

USB AVR programmer that supports a lot of AVR micro-controllers.

Designed by: Klaus Leidinger , Dimitris Porlidas ,

Mike Henning and Vassilis Serasidis (c) 09.Jun.2008

2 channel RF remote control

This RF remote control it runs at 418 MHz frequency and support up to 2 channels. It is very safety as the transmitting code is changing every time you push any button (roll-code function)

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis (c) 04.06.2004                  

Updated on 24.07.2005

SMS remote control v2.2

Control up to 8 devices ( On-Off  or Reset) by sending a SMS message from  any mobile phone, to  ericsson  T10s, of our circuit.


Designed by:Vassilis Serasidis   (c) 23.10.2002                 

Updated on: 25.12.2006

USB switch

You can connect one USB device like a printer or scanner on 2 computers and controlled by software.

- Available only in Greek language -


Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis    (c) 07.07.2006               

Simple VGA/Video adapter

This project is about creating VGA/Video signals  using the 8-bit AVR MCU. The output can drive a TV set or a VGA monitor


Designed by: Ibragimov Maxim Rafikovich  at  07.11.2005

Communication of TRW-24G RF modules with AT90S2313 microcontroller


Communicate 2 TRW-24G RF modules (2.4GHz) with AVR micro-controller. This is more an example assembly code and not an integrated electronic circuit.

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis    (c) 12.08.2005               

MIDI generator 

Control some MIDI device with ATtiny26. The code can be convert it for any AVR family micro-controller..


Designed by: Vassilis Stergiopoulos                                    


Analog inputs for ATtiny26 

Study the Analog to Digital capabilities of Atmel ATtiny26. This check circuit uses only 3 inputs. Of course you can may changes to use more inputs.


Designed by: Vassilis Stergiopoulos                                    

Acceleration meter for cars

This circuit it is count the acceleration from -1000mg up to +1000mg. Can be used in lot of applications like cars, elevators, ramps and more.

This page is available in Greek and English language

Designed by: Michael Karaoglanidis                                    

Electronic safety-lock with telecard as key

 This safety-lock can be work with up to 8 different telecards (empty  or not phonecards) as access keys. Each telecard can be registered or  unregistered from the  system, by press the  corresponding button. Keep in mind that cell phone SIM cards don't work with this reader.


 Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis                                             

AVR In-System Programmer

In-System Programmer (ISP) This programmer can program lot of AVR  micros and its  working with AVR Studio 4.

Designed by: Olesaether, Terie Frostad, Ingar Fredriksen, Morten W. Lund, Haakon Skar, Paal Kastnes

Visual Basic & AVR RS232 interface

 Control AVR micro-controllers via Visual Basic  software. You can use some development board like  MCU 100, STK200, STK500 or build your own  board, following the schematic.

 Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis                                            

AVR composite PAL colour bar generator

 After a lot of reading books, articles and discussions  with lot of electronic technicians, finally I did it. I  make an 6 colour bar generator entire-in-software  with AT90s2313-10 over-clocked at 17.734475  MHz !!!

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis

Improved by: Zdenek Zechovsky

 Ultra low-cost programmer for AT90Sxxxx family

 With this programmer you can program AT90S1200,  2313,  2323, 2343, 4414, 4434, 8515, 8535

 Designed by: Jerry Meng                                                        

LCD 2x16 characters &  4x4 keypad assembly example

Connect  AT90S2313 with LCD display 2x16 char  and 4x4 keyboard (keypad). Its not any special code  (short or fast code) but its very good for beginners

Designed by:Vassilis Serasidis                                              

Connect  RS232 modem to E-10G

Here is the instructions to build a cable adaptor  to  connect your pocket PC with any external  RS232  modem. The Pocket PC must have serial  port.

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis                                             

Programable LCD counter with memory backup

This counter based on AT90S1200A its  programmable and when shut it down its keeping  the  current counts to the memory, until to the  power on.

Designed by:Vassilis Serasidis                                              

 Telecard reader

 This telecard reader can read the content of any telecard up to 64 bytes ( 512 bits ) and display it to hyper terminal software by using RS232 port. Keep in mind that cell phone SIM cards don't work with this reader.

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis                                             

128x64 LCD assembly Driver for AT90S2313

Here you will find a source code to drive a  graphics  LCD display 128x64 pixels with  AT90S2313. The connections between LCD and AVR, can be found in to the source code file (*.asm).

Designed by: Vassilis Serasidis                                             

RCEN fuse bit programmer

 With this stand alone programmer you can  enable or  disable the internal RC oscillator of  AT90S1200 or  AT90S1200A.

 Designed by:

 V 0.3 by Kyriakos Kontakos                                                  

 V 0.2 by Vassilis Serasidis                                                     

 V 0.1 by Herbert Dingfelder                                                   

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